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Klientide tagasiside

Maria Freimann

Founder & CEO of What If 

It's easy to find a freelance writer, but not that easy to find a good one. We’re lucky to have found Tiina - one of the most rewarding partnerships we’ve encountered. She is systematic, creative, and resourceful.

She has a curious mind that doesn't stop at the first interesting insight she finds. Her content is approachable, well written and well researched. She’s not one of those mystical, buzzy marketers, but one with a sound common sense approach. Her ability to align business goals, brand strategy and continuous execution has built up What If’s thought leadership in no time. 

Aside from content marketing, Tiina gets how other functions of digital marketing "work" with exceptional depth: SEO, Social, PR, web development and branding. Strategy-first marketer, but at the same time hands-on. Always happy to share her expertise and practical advice.  She’s helped us make clever decisions and optimize resources, which is immensely important for a company that does not have a marketing manager. A true pleasure to work with her. And to know her. Love her energy and enthusiasm — it's contagious!

Ants-Erik Tuur

Founder of BookMD

When you’re launching a startup and you don’t know much about marketing, then you just have to have faith that your marketing consultant is smart, earnest, and simply cares about what you’re doing. And that’s Tiina.

She’s easy to talk to and easy to work with. Knows which one of the 100 things in the to-do is actually important, gives honest advice if you have bad ideas, and hinders you from investing into something you don’t need at this point. Even if it’s not marketing related.

Despite her workload, she always had time for me and was happy to give feedback or advice.

With her personable nature and common sense- explanations, I always felt that I had her full support.


Elina Vigand

Strategic marketer

Tiina is enjoyable and easy to work with. She always grasps the bigger picture, oftentimes even without briefing. At the same time, she is super effective at execution. She gets the work done quickly and gives x+1 most of the times.

Her broad knowledge in different fields, including tech, her ability to write clearly about complex topics, as well as her nature and professionalism make her one of those irreplaceable people everyone would love to have working with and for them.

Rita Jaanson

Founder of RL Raamatupidamine

Tiina is one of those incredibly talented people. Great in many things, but most of all - copywriting, creative content writing and marketing strategy.

I am a small business owner, who has to juggle with multiple responsibilities every day. Many times Tiina reduced my learning curve in marketing related topics, helped me forward with some small, but effective things that have increased the credibility of my services and helped me to set my priorities.


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